Colorful life has endless value . Some time life may be very much difficult and you may find that your life is a bad one. In that time to overcome the situation you can follow the tips mentioned as under and you will sure find rewarding and colorful life. This is plus point for you . 

1. Never expect you to be 2nd: You strongly desire that you will never be 2nd in any aspect of life. Always aim to be first and run for it. But it is your duty to try your level best. If you don’t get any positive result, don’t worry, please go for harder work. If you have genuinely tried your level best but getting no notable result , go back your old drawing and try to locate something good from there . Start again, success for you waiting like the next sunshine.

2. Love each other: Love everyone and maintain a good & friendly relationship with all. You should also love your enemy. Please grow yourself quick in forgiveness. Un forgiveness may be considered as drinking poison and expecting others to die. Try to establish yourself as a positive thinker and also accept others positively.

3. Eating habit: Always try to eat something fine. Through fine eating your mind will remain fresh. Body language will get extraordinary positive value. Some time eat which is fond of you because through this kind of eating you may get more energy than the food value. This is because you are in quest of that food.

4. Turn all wrong to right: None can say that what he is doing, everything is all right. But it is very important for those who want to live in happy life that is he will turn all his wrong things to right things. We can easily beg pardon for our mistake and learn from past.

5. Always add greens in your food list: It is very right that green vegetables are very essential for you and also great. So please always consume a balanced diet everyday.

6. Buy the best: Always try to buy the best production: Do not expect that you will buy some thing at a very low price. If some happens there might be some risk to be ill or disturbed. Mind it if such happens that you have bought bad quality of food at a very low price and has been ill eating those. More that the money you have saved will be required for your treatment. Don’t buy inexpensive rubbish that won’t last for long and supportive to your health and family. Instead, always purchase the very best quality product that you can afford and enjoy a happy, healthy & peaceful life.

7. Always look at the positive side of life Please do not find or try to locate the negatives side of life . Just always look at the positives. Consider the mistake to learn from there .Of course the great things in life should be focused upon.


Take care and always consider these seven ways of leading a happy, charming and rewarding life.

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