Daily work plan is important. Absence of daily work plan is a regular problem of our daily working life . Without any action Plan we normally face various types of problems, this may be forgetting urgent things, twice steps may be taken to finish one job and work may not be done chronologically. As a result of these your family life may be disturbed. Unplanned work may stand on the way of success of life . It is easy to finish smoothly various hard task, to draw attention of others and to cross a long sea of daily life you have a good plan at starting . So what you will do to pass a good day .
At first you need one planner . At the holiday find half an hour to decide what your home works are and what are your official work in the week. Make a plan in the way that in no day you get heavy pressure. If there is any long meeting in any day at your office, spare some time to relax after your meeting. On the other hand inn what day your official work is very simple and easy, you may finish your monthly marketing at that day . If there any addition of work comes, please take a record in your note book. It may take some time and also may be done in late but don’t forget to record.
 From the begging you define and allot the time for your home and for your office . Do not carry official work to your home and don’t do official work at your holiday if there is no emergency. Just on the other hand how much time you stay at office, be 100% professional . Unnecessary talking , idle gossiping, personal work all those are against  official procedure  every where . So try to avoid all these as much as possible for you . Only to do every things systematically, display one duty list in front of your table. 
If you keep your all time friend i.e your hand bag  systematically, many problems will be solved. Purchase one hand bag which is a bit large and with several pockets. Cost may be a bit high .  Allot one pocket of your bag for the key of your home, car, steel cabinet, drawer and for every key. Keep your cell phone in an certain pocket. You should keep your money in several pockets rather than only keeping money in money bag.
In case of female, keep your comb, small mirror, Face wipe, lip bum, make up box in another individual pocket. If you can keep all your materials systematically in your bag in different pocket, you will be able to find anything any moment. You will feel relaxed with some plus point in life . 

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