Child’s best eating habit is very important . If we like to see better condition of pour child’s health, we should keep our child far off from harmful food . As a parent we have all responsibilities to teach our children about bad and good food. How to start your children taking good and healthy food regularly and how to avoid bad food.  Here is some tips which will be most helpful for you and also plus point for you .
 Learning about good food : At the early period of life every child can discover various things quickly . Especially up to three years child’s brain is developed. So it is the right time to develop your child’s habit . Also to decide what kinds of food they will fond of. They can appreciate “junk food” or they will be food conscious .
It is normally and logical that children follow their parents . So parents should be a role model. Parents should keep in their mind that they will be able to able to influence the eating habit of their child. Help them to get their  food habits considering how much they ( Parents) are health conscious.
Parents should consider that they will must not allow their children to be connected to things with eating any harmful food. At the time of any party with children parents should look for any restaurant. Select such restaurant  which is known for healthy food. Try to avoid burger & chips.
It is also essential for parents to allow their children enjoy junk food for once a while. That will brings your kids into a balanced food status. If your kid take bad food once a while, it will not be harmful enough for your child health.  You can occasionally  allow your kids to take food according to their desire.
 Parent should encourage their child to take participation in sports or in result based activities . By this kind of participation , your children will be physically active. Their need for food will go up to the standard level.
By implementing all the technique, you are not satisfied with the habit of your children, you may try a hypnotherapy. You may also try for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (NLP). NLP motivate your child and it also engages the total family to the good and healthy eating habit.  

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