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The story began where the pain and headache came to us. Why? It is very simple when sitting in front of the monitor for a long time causes your back muscles to weaken and this can increase the pain in the back of your chest and also cause headaches and other problems. 

So how should we solve the case? The reality of the monitor we use is a 27-inch 4K monitor from LG, which has a height-adjustable holder base. But since the height of the monitor is often lower than our viewing level when sitting on a chair (you are not lower than this) it made us decide to buy a monitor stand so that we would not have to suffer from neck pain. Let’s go !. 

As we plan to add another monitor in the future, we have been looking for a monitor holder capable of supporting two monitors. We found a variety of products on the internet, but because we already had a product from Gelid, we decided to also look for a new carrier base. 

The following article is an overview of the Gelid Monitor Holder Base.


The Flexmount Duo is a stand with two monitors. This holder has a lot of features and it makes no restrictions on adjusting the angle, height and more.

This product has a main stand that can be mounted on the desk or perforated on the desk using the features inside the box. The base is equipped with two USB 3 ports that can be connected to a PC or notebook using a separate cable.

Of course, in our opinion, using two separate cables causes some limitations because when you need to use both USB ports on the base, you have to install both of them separately on the USB ports of your notebook or PC. In this case (especially in the notebook) you will be faced with a restricted USB port. Of course, our solution was to use HUB USB, which would help you to slightly limit ports. The arms of the monitors are mounted on the base of the main holder. Gelid designed the arms so that it can rotate 360 ​​degrees so you have no restrictions in this regard. You can also change the height of the arm. This can be done using a holder that is intended to be mounted on the main stand. We did not adjust the height of the arm using a holder on the base pedestal and set it lower. The arms can move at several points, which gives you better conditions. On the arms, two metal pieces are attached to a ring. These two metal pieces act as a base for the arms. At the junction it is possible to rotate the arm 270 degrees. The cables in the arm are easy to handle and have enough space (although we didn’t use this feature at the moment because the cables we used were short and we couldn’t fit inside the cable management space).

At the junction of the lower arm to the upper arm, the Flexmount Duo has an angle of 83 degrees, which is the angle of change inward. It is also possible to tighten the hinge in this product. The lower arm cover is painted metal, but the upper arm cover on the jack is made of plastic and has a corporate logo on it. At the bottom is a plastic frame that can be removed by cables. The base mounting bracket to monitor can support VESA standards with 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 mm.

This section supports a maximum of 8kg monitor. The plate can rotate 180 degrees to the sides and rotate. Also, to change the vertical angle of the stand, it is possible to change between 60 degrees positive (upward) and 45 degrees negative (downward).

Based on the information provided, the base supports a maximum of 34-inch monitors, which is sufficient for most needs. The following table provides more technical specifications.    

Holder clamp sizeEdge 20 to 100 mm, hole on the table 20 to 60 mm
Elevation elevation63 cm
Maximum support weight8kg
Body MaterialAerospace-grade aluminum, ABS steel
Main base height20 cm
ColorMatte Black

Installation and use experience

The basic setup was easy to use with the simple guide and the packaging equipment and we didn’t spend much time. 
We installed the stand on the edge of the desk and connected both USB 3 ports to the USB hub using embedded cables. 
To make the arms good, we positioned the holder on the main stand lower and adjusted the height using the arms. Unfortunately, although the base is of good quality, we do not know why a part of the paint was put on the base. 
Cable management is good, of course, as we said, because of the short length of cable we could not pass through the cable retaining channels. 
The top of the jack has a good performance and easily fits in with our 27-inch monitor. 
The retaining plate was attached to the back of the monitor using four screws and we tightened it slightly using a tool inside the retaining nut to prevent it from moving down. 
It is possible to adjust the monitor vertically and angle with ease, and you will have no restrictions. We couldn’t test this because we didn’t have two monitors, but it is certainly best to put two monitors together on this base. 

No exaggeration to use this stand helped greatly reduce back pain in the muscles of the chest and, on the other hand, made the monitor face-to-face, which is very effective in terms of experience using the monitor and reducing pain. 
We couldn’t test this because we didn’t have two monitors, but it is certainly best to put two monitors together on this base. 

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