Hand bag is a very important for ever women. I think you have never thought about the importance of hand bag both for keeping accessories and out look. Try to purchase considering the quality, price, longevity and  also beauty. Buy the best which is possible for you according to your financial ability. It is important to consider the tone, contrast or match your bag to your whole body. Mind it your bag sure should not be more deep than your shoe, it may be of same color or a bit lighter. It is not mandatory to match your handbag to your shoe normally. Your bag should be of neutral or such a color that can easily coordinate and add value to your own outfit. If you can purchase the best , this is your plus point . 

If you want to use for the whole year and if you expect it to lasts for long, you should choice the leather product. In the cold weather use darker color and also neutral color or straw bag for warm weather which match well to variety of shoe colors often.

You should bring it to your consideration always that about the size you will only carry your purse, brash, comb, make-up box . It will be required for keeping your mobile phone, one diary or note book and something like that what you have with you. At the same time you will consider in what kind of situation you will use the bag. Will you carry any additional large bag with you or any kind of brief case. Does it required to carry nappies, baby toys, bottles and other essentials.

You should think and test your handbag before you buy considering the capacity to hold everything with  you carry every day. It is how much comfortable on your solder and also under your arm . Is it easy to look into and you can organize your travelling life easily in that handbag.

However remember while buying the bag some things as under :

  •      Straight lines structured bags are the best for all straight body types, but in the case of tall & thin person may use a  good rounded bag as it could make them shorter and also rounder.
  •      If somebody is short and round, they can use a long sleek bag as it will make them look a bit taller and slimmer. If you require you may have a chance for making your look taller and slimmer by this arrangement.
  •      Curvier women are advised to use structured bag (may be squire or may be rectangular) , but it should be of soft fabrics or leathers .
  •     A neutral, monochromatic styles bright colorful bag will sure divert attention sure at a distance from figure problems.  So that those who have some figure problem can easily use this type.

Normally choice a good basic handbag consists of:

  • A leather bag which is with arm strap.
  • A shoulder bag which is more casual, or a denim bag, straw, linen sling bag.
  • A gold, silver, satin, embroidered, brocade style evening bag.
  • If you are a business man you need to use a formal bag that reflects your income and status.
  • If required, choice a leather briefcase which match with your shoes.
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