Healthy child food is now very hard .At present first food habit has been very popular in all over the world.  But it is very necessary to educate your children to take healthy food in regular basis. Give attention to make your child used to boiled or cooked food, vegetables and fruits. Thus your children will develop healthy and strong health.

Firstly you will have to consider and make colorful vegetable dishes for your baby because in that age every child likes attractive one and get pleasure. Use more kinds of vegetables as possible, combine those and present in an unique way as your child likes .

Make sure that your made meal is healthy and fit for child , put surrounding the plate corner in various shape like doll, cock, hen, flower , other animal shape and insist your child to find by name and eat . Your child will be happy with your idea and eat for fun. If you have child more than one you may put them in a competition to finish ion the shortest time . Who win in the game appreciate , kiss and also kiss the runners up appreciating to win in the next meal.

It is very urgent to sit all family member to eat at the same time in the same table . Your baby will see that every one is eating the same , your baby will copy you and feel delighted . Your baby will finish eating all in fun and also feel the importance of eating. Don’t give too much food to your child to eat, if the case is such and he/she feel pressure in eating all those he/she may refuse. Give them liberty at eating but insist them in the most tricky way so that they cannot refuse to eat .

If your baby make dirty the floor, table and leave some food not eaten please do not disappoint them rather act as friend and take it easy . Thus your child will keep them your co actor and eat regularly with you friendly . This is plus point for you .

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