Long life is important . Here is some very important tips those can help you to enjoy rewarding and long life . These sure will add some plus point in your life .

What is Long Life?

All people on earth want to live a long time .That’s is the common practice of people . But because of not having correct idea about life people cannot live long . As long as you live to enjoy life , it falls short . So try to survive as long as possible . Find out exactly what works helps to grow your life time .

Give attention to Friendship

Try to maintain very good relation with people and you can increase your new friends day by day as fast as you can . One study found that people who have enough friends live long than the people who have very few friends. So friends is very important in human life .

Try to eat enough fruits

People of the environment is dependable and also remain in need of which is available in the same environment . There fore eating fruits is good for health . Each fruits has one kind of advantage but all the fruits may not be beneficial for the same type of people . So it is better to get the advice of one doctor if possible to choose fruits for you.

Try to down your weight

There is a common tendency of weight gain with age . But with the increase of weight there are various disease in the body . So it is necessary to take care of the body at least one hour in a day . Now a days we find that where people take part in morning walk , various people take part in yoga there . Yoga is a good way to run the body properly .

Never Practice tobacco

If you quit smoking , tobacco and hard drink it lives in life . It has been found in a study that if you quit tobacco with in 30 years of you, you can gain min ten years of life more .So avoid tobacco for total life.

Take part in prayer regularly

The life expectancy of religious people is longer than general . It is generally seen that people who are regular in prayer live more than the people who are not concerned to religious place . Prayers make mind fresh, ideal and active .

Try to keep good company

Try to keep good friendship with the people of good habit . Because you will naturally adapt habits from your friends. So good company will move you towards a healthy life that will help tou to enjoy a long life .

Try to live together

Your body and mind is closely involved with your partner . So if your mind is good then your body will be good . You should never live single and led lonely life . In this regard it is found that people of joint family live better than single family .

Try to sleep sufficiently

If the sleeping time is not correct , there are many disease in human body . Cardiovas, blood pressure and sugar problems are found there . This disease do not allow people to live well enough for a long time . So there is a need of adequate sleep to enjoy healthy and sound life

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