Moral Human qualities of student is very important . For the overall development of the country and nation , it is very important to develop the quality of education worldwide . We should not only look for the pass rate of student, also look to the development ration of the student . If we want to see your child in a totally different established  way, then apply it by using these articles, you will be successful, just as the sun rises tomorrow. Sure you will get plus point in your life .

The family will have to do the job first Education

It is fact like the next sunshine that to develop human quality of every student the role of family is important . At present joint family culture is being broken down into single . So only parents should remain active to build moral ideal children . Patriotism should get priority there for the greater interest of motherland .Please remember children receive education from family first . There should be proper thoughts, consciousness and ideology permanently.

Family ties can build morality and values in the child  . Family ties in society are no longer seen as before. In this case, the path of education from the family to morality and human values ​​has narrowed. We should consider that family is the first school of the child. Similarly  parents are the first teachers. The children get primary and basic education from them. But if the family does not get education, the values ​​do not develop. The lack of ideal people in society now a days is very high because  rich people have become ideal today . They have become the masters of muscle power. Many teachers have become trade-oriented. Much people concerned to  give coaching-private. The path of co-education activities is shrinking day by day. The study has become experimental.

 Remember teacher is the mastermind

After parents or guardians, students give place and time to teachers. Students from outside the family are getting education from moral and social virtues from their respective institutions. But educational institutions also work to develop ethical qualities among students, to guide them in the right path and to create patriotism. Therefore, the educational environment should be maintained in the proper environment. At the same time, the students’ mind should be opened so that light and air can enter it properly. The main responsibilities of the teachers will be taken in this case. They also have to possess moral qualities.

There is no alternative to raising ethics, culture and religious education.

Families need to play a key role in developing ethical and humanistic qualities among the students. From the very childhood children learn a lot from the social environment. For this, society has to fulfill its duties clearly . Teachers build students as real people in life . Cultural and cultural programs of the country from primary to university  level is very urgent . This will create a very good and solid foundation among the students about social responsibility and cultural values which will pay a good result to society. As a result their morale will develop. There is no alternative way  to raising religious knowledge to create values. The real text of religion builds the students as moral and humanitarian values.

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