Question sharing before marriage is very important .   Marriage is the final and most important thing of human life. There is a need to know how to know each and every person before marriage. Where you can be educated, there is no traditional institution anywhere in the country. What do you do in this situation? There is no reason to worry about you. If you want to be successful in life, then you must know how to get to know better before marriage.

You can sincerely ask questions to others and it will help you. You will share all the things sincerely and respectfully to the other. In this way your approach will be open and you will build a friendly relationship that is very important. Intermediate questions can be discussed before getting married. You can talk openly and honestly that if you had any relationship with someone before. The open discussion will strengthen your good relations
You can discuss the steps that you think are important at the time of discussion. Once you can ask your future spouse of any kind of sexual relationship before the wedding. You have to remember that such a question is not to insult him but to know the truth. If you do not know the truth and unfortunately your spouse gets a close and sexual relationship with a third party. An uncomfortable situation can happen in your life.

To make it clear, you can ask each other about your preferences, perceptions, dislikes, family members and responsibilities. You will not discuss the inability of any type of financial power, social status, routine work. Be very sincere about your habits, hobbies and cultural character, love, care, feelings, dependencies, responsibilities and beliefs. So feel free to think above all the above mentioned ideas and opinions. If both of your minds come to a single position that you can stand smart for each other, you can get married.

We have seen that in the country there are untoward disputes after marriage of many families of different families. If you knew that, you would not marry. Due to the fact that if they got to know each other well before marriage, then there would have been no such opportunity for them. So, as I think, before marriage, two people need to know well. The jurisdiction to be completed before marriage . No dispute can be made after marriage. There will be unrest in the family, which is not desirable in any situation.
After marriage, many families have been struggling with dowry. But if discussions and solutions are discussed and resolved before the discussion and discussion, then there is no chance of conflict in this matter.

Marriage prescribes the establishment of each person. Before you get married, you should be sure that you are a true life partner. But it will not be achieved overnight. You have to know this topic well. So you know this topic well and apply your own, family and society.

If you can implement learning from here in your life, sure you will get plus point .

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