Sex before marriage issue is very important in life . Almost every people want to get the correct person in life . You will never expect any partner who passed life with several relationship and enjoyed sex . In every cases in the world every one expect experience from the counterpart. Here is only the case , in sexual matter of congeal life we never appreciate this type of experience .

You want some body who wants to do sex only with you and with you for ever because you think sex is something serious .  In this aspect you also may like to get some one who never maintained boy friend or girl friend but it is very hard to get .  Mind it sexual learning you can get and exchange with your life partner by various practice of sex position . So sex before marriage bears no value , rather it will be dangerous for you in life . Respect the aptitude and common value of the society .

But it may be come to forward that none likes to wait for marriage for sex. Yes it is naturally but for the sake of family , society, national policy and mainly for your conjugal life your virgin is important .

So, finally you should know the risks and problems  of sex before marriage . Sex before marriage is bad because for that :-

People suffer from “ emotional baggage”.

HIV is spread out and serious threat for the society .

Much people die of AIDS.

Rate of abortion becomes higher .

In a large sense more than 60% of couple face divorce because of infidelity .

So, all the threats of sex before marriage is discussed above .  Sexual experience is not an experience . It is like that when it is lived with somebody , it is permanently recorded in mind .

When relationship comes to an end people takes it for past one but fact is that it is also your present and also for future. Your mind never erase it .

In conclusion I can strongly pass my opinion that everyone should avoid sex before marriage . If you like to be an honest, sincere , active and social person , you should salute the rules and regulations of your society . For a permanent blondness among life partners sex before marriage will act like a bullet to your chest . Don’t worry for sex, get married first and then enjoy as any type you desire . From this article you will learn bad effect of sex before marriage . That is your plus point .

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