Sex at pregnancy is one very important issue to consider . Pregnancy is not a problem or disease . It is a medical condition  . While there is one issue of complication with pregnancy , normal kind of sex is difficult there .  Then normal part is not needed for sex at the time of pregnancy . All should use common sense .

There at the time of pregnancy every one should think about they are in the right way or in the wrong way in active sex . There are several safe way of sex during pregnancy . It depends on what kind of sex you desire to enjoy . You can think newly about sex when old system does not work or that may cause any risk.

You should consider and practice another good sex position for active sex at pregnancy .

  1. Consider that both partners physical condition is comfortable .
  2. The sex style you want to enjoy matches with the health conditions
  3. You both will avoid to give pressure on uterus .
  4. Never put full weight on the belly .
  5. At the time of sex female must avoid lying on her back .
  6. Always female should must avoid lying on right side for long time if the pregnancy is about 3 or 4 months .

Here discussed some safe and comfortable sex position at the time of pregnancy .

  1. As there needs no pressure on your abdomen though you have lost movement, so spooning sex position may be more appreciate able .
  2. Side by side sex position is very well and it is better than spooning. Partners can cross their legs each other . Consider that none can feel weight of another partner.
  3. Another safe sex position is that the women will be on top sex position . In this system there is no risk of getting weight pressure on the pregnant belly . If balance is ok lying down position may be allowed .
  4. There is another good practice of sex during sex . Border of the bed sex position is very fine and risk free . You can lie on the bed border side ( briefly on her back ) . Your partner can remain off bed . You can enjoy sex on your knee or standing up . You may remain off your bed but on your knees but it is important to ensure position of your belly is at risk or not .

The most important is to find out a sex position considering that your pregnant belly is free from any heavy pressure or weight load . Use your general sense and enjoy rewarding life at the time of sex at pregnancy .

From this article you will learn the risk for sex at pregnancy and that is your plus point .

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