Skill and confidence is very important . If we think about the skills of a child, first we should think for the life skills of them. Life skills are the ability and confidence required for the successful life. It is adjusting capacity with the present situation. I f your child is aged  about seven to eight years old, it should to get priority to set them a bit free than holding on them so tight. You should allow them a little freedom gradually to treat and solve their own various problems. You should facilitate them and keep in touch to monitor what they are doing. It is  to solve their problem. They are in the right track or not. Thus your child will get plus point .

Parents should teach them some basic rules of safety and also teach them to enjoy playing independently with confidence. A wise parent should expect to build the basic capacity in their child according to their age.

  • We should expect that our child will grown up with critical thinking ability, problem solving capacity, they will be confident and also will be of emotionally stable personalities. They will be the happy member of the society and sure they will feel them to be a better citizen. Go through this article and get few techniques . These will help your child in learning the facts of life. They will be able to feel goods as a person.


  • It is important to find out the unique learning methods and skill of gathering the normal facts, help their teacher to teach all the children in the individual way they learn. When a communication problem arises between the understood matters and the said matters, children are labeled “under achievers”. Try to make your child to collect books from several libraries. You may insist your child be tested sometime for learning method and style not learning disability.
  • You help your child to set their goals and objectives, make one achievable action plan. You should believe that when your child is in younger grades, it is more easy to teach organizational skills. You can develop their very good reading habits at that age.
  • You may be a model appreciating learning. If your child find you are fond of reading and enjoy reading in library, there is a chance for your child to follow you. They will love reading and learning. You should answer all the questions of your child. Also  you can assist your child to get answers. Certainly there is at least five solutions for each situations. So you must should help your child to consider their problems in different ways.

We all know that self confidence comes from successfully overcoming problems. The people who are most confident always acknowledge their success. They believe that all most all skills can be transferred and used in the other parts of one’s life. If you help your child to gain confidence in the decisions, it will make your child better citizen. It is true like the next sunshine that if you assist and facilitate your child in different needs, they will be more skilled and self confident.

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