Smartness at work is very important . Those who are tired of various work pressure: one solution for them is very active. They can work smartly with the help of multitasking. Multitasking means special capacity which helps to do several works at a time. It is proved through study that females are more efficient in multitask than male in the whole world.
 To be one smart worker you need to follow something discussed bellow:
 First thing in this regard is to follow one routine of work . It will sure give you some advantage if you make a work list of next day before leaving the office . For this at first you will use one good planner .  Take a clear record of assignment against certain time in the priority basis.  So you will not forget anything. In the next day you may have a look of your assignment while taking tea or breakfast .
 Do not leave any work for next day : In some cases you may need to write down huge phone number and appointment . Normally many man write down token note of phone number, appointment and urgent message in scattered papers on the table and forget after normally . To be escaped of this problem, after phone just take a fresh copy of your message as early as possible .
 It is not impossible that all on a sudden new assignment will arrive , so you keep your mind prepared for that.
  • Don’t waste your time through phone to your friends & family in idle gossiping . It hampers much your normal works. Make or allot a certain time in the day for your personal phone calls.
  • Don’t miss the schedule of lunch and afternoon Tiffin also if you are in the work pressure. Just go to the cafeteria and answer your hungers . If it is not possible to go for lunch, carry from home but follow the schedule . 
After successfully finishing works you will feel relaxed, your confidence will be increased . You can phone your friends and this will make you stress free . You can also preserve some dry food in the covered of your office . Getting lesson from this article you will be smart and that is your plus point .

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