Super weight losing  idea is important . Everyone knows that overweight body is an universal problems now a days . Every overweight body women always feel tension for her . There are various reasons both in health and social aspect . But unfortunately institutions are not available where we can get weight loss education . So to participate in this problems solving issue I am taking this initiative to educate people specially women by this writing. Women and children is the focus group in my site . Live keeping in touch to my site and enjoy rewarding life .

Naturally you know much about your body but important is to observe and monitor . The first and most important thing is to take measurement and maintain a check list . You should take measurement the size of your , waist, thighs, belly ,  and total body weight . After one week you check and compare with previous record . This is one very helpful way that will help you to give attention to food, exercise, rest and other efforts .

There are a large number of women who cannot loose weight normally or following one certain measure . If those women try enough to lose their body weight beyond a preset limit, they will not be able to get result . Instead of this they will run to a harmful position . So they need to talk to a doctor and set the limit of her weight losing target . Follow the instruction of doctor and monitor the weekly performance accordingly .

Another very important issue for weight lose tips is the daily meal plan . Every one should know daily nutrients requirement for her in every meal . According to that requirement you make your proper meal plan and do not take more than requirement and be careful about fat .

I strongly pass my opinion if you follow all the tips mentioned above , you will be educated enough about weight losing process . Mind it everything are at your hand and practice. Knowledge result zero without practice . I hope you will be first in figure and first in life . Share this to all your friends and family .

Are you a woman , you are the right person I am looking for to teach weight losing tips . If you can say good bye to your overweight body , this is a plus point for you .

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